About Us

Who We Are

We are the internationally famous “Island Band!” We can be found performing in parades and at festivals all across Central New York, and other places too!

We are an easy group to spot; our brightly colored Hawaiian Shirts combined with our upbeat musical style and entertaining antics are a favorite of people wherever we go!

Our History

In 1997, a core group of friends, led by Matt Coyne came to the conclusion that there was a niche for a new band that didn’t want to (or didn’t have the ability to) march in a straight line during a parade. The focus became fun combined with superb musicianship. The result of this endeavor is “The Island Band”. When we lined up for our first parade that year, the group consisted of One Clarinet, Two Trumpets, Two Trombones, One Sousaphone, and a snare drum. We did have a drum major and two in our Colorguard as well! The group has grown and changed in the past twelve years. The Island Band currently has 41 members with only THREE remaining from the original ten!

Why We’re Different

The Island Band breaks the mold of traditional straight-line parade bands. As we move along a parade route, you can find members of the group mingling with the crowd, mugging for pictures, dancing in the street and having an overall wonderful time! But don’t let the antics fool you!

While we are not “professional musicians”, we bring a lot of power and muscle to the songs we play, our love of music flows to the crowd and in no time, people are laughing, clapping and there are smiles all around!

Our Mission

The Mission of The Island Band is to continue to spread the joy of music and friendship wherever we go.

We encourage young musicians to continue playing after their high school years; the gift of musicianship should not end when you are 18!

Join Us!

So if we happen to be in your neck of the woods, come on out and see us! We would love to have you join a conga line, or clap along with our percussion section as we “amble forward” down the parade route! We cannot guarantee you will smile, but we dare you not to!

The Island Band is available for many parades and events. We add a touch of Island fun to any event.